Service - Volunteer Opportunities

For more information and to find which positions are currently available, you can contact our Volunteer Representative: or call the AIS office at (206) 625-0000.

Forms for AIS Volunteers PDF file

Phone Volunteer

Have the AIS office number forwarded to your home or cell phone for a few hours at a time.  Help callers find meetings, and answer questions about Al-Anon.  Refer callers to phone numbers of outside organizations such as AA when needed.  Connect callers who need to talk longer with members willing to make 12th step calls.

12th Step Caller

Call people who have given their name and number to a phone volunteer, and share your experience, strength, and hope with them while encouraging them to try our program.  If you are fluent in a foreign language, you can also be available for callers who speak that language.

Office Volunteer

Come to the AIS office in downtown Seattle for half a day.  Answer the phone, sell literature, and help with various clerical tasks.  Many Metro buses stop right in front of the office, and bus fare is reimbursed.  Parking is also located nearby.

Phone Scheduler

Spend a few hours per month scheduling other volunteers to answer the AIS phone after office hours. The entire job can be done from home via phone or email. Each scheduler is responsible for one day of the week, and each day contains four to six phone shifts.

Office Scheduler

Schedule volunteers for the AIS office on weekdays. Two volunteers are scheduled per day.  Attend the office committee meeting at the AIS office once a month

Emergency Phone Contact

Be available a good amount of the time to take very occasional calls from volunteers who have a problem and are unable to reach their scheduler and volunteer coordinator. Talk them through such tasks as changing or canceling phone forwarding.

Off-Site Office Helper

Performs clerical tasks such a typing and preparing mailings at any convenient time and location.